Week 5 ACA Essay

Week 5 ACA Essay

The article associates infertility with psychological and social issues in most infertile couples. Additionally, infertility is a significant factor contributing to anxiety among infertile men, women, and couples (Masoumi et al., 2019). Furthermore, using assisted reproductive treatments (ART) raises the risk of anxiety among infertile couples (Masoumi et al., 2019). For this reason, psychosocial interventions and counseling are recommended in treating infertile couples.

How would an FNP Student Handle Patients with Anxiety Disorder in the Primary Care Setting?


An FNP student is likely to encounter patients with anxiety disorder in the primary care setting. While treating patients presented with anxiety disorders, an FNP student should conduct a health assessment and conduct mental status exam to gather health-related information required in making a differential diagnosis to rule out other potential diagnoses. Additionally, patient health-related data collected during assessment and mental status examination will guide an FNP student in developing the most effective treatment plan for an individual patient, improving the presented anxiety symptoms with minimal or zero drug-related adverse effects.

Treating Anxiety Disorders Using Non-Pharmacological Approaches

Psychotherapies, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) interventions and body-mind interventions, are effective non-pharmacological interventions for treating anxiety disorders. CBT focuses on building a set of skills to make an individual aware of emotions and thoughts and emotions; helping in identify the impact of thoughts, situations, and behaviors on emotions, and improving one’s feelings by altering dysfunctional feelings and thoughts, thus enabling a person to cope with anxiety symptoms. According to Borza (2022), CBT is an effective treatment intervention for anxiety disorders. CBT is neuroscience, enabling psychiatrists to understand the functioning of the human mind, leading to superior outcomes. On the other hand, body-mind interventions aim at evaluating one’s awareness of pleasant and unpleasant feelings in various aspects, including thoughts bodily sensations, events, sounds, and thoughts mindfulness, practicing sleep hygiene, meditation, and engaging in enjoyable activities. Additionally, other psychotherapies that can be used in treating anxiety disorders include emotion-focused and problem-focused coping, supportive psychotherapy, counseling (psychological support), interacting cognitive subsystem, and experiential psychosocial therapy.


What Approaches would an FNP Student Utilize to Support Patients Exhibiting Anxiety Symptoms in a Clinical Setting?

An FNP can use various approaches, including combined therapy, medication, and non-pharmacological interventions supporting patients exhibiting anxiety symptoms. According to Bandelow et al. (2022), medication, non-pharmacological, or combined interventions are effective in managing anxiety symptoms and improving functioning capacity and overall quality of life. The most recommended non-pharmacological intervention for managing anxiety symptoms is CBT. This psychotherapy will enable an FNP student to understand the functioning of a patient’s mind and trigger change in behavior and thoughts, making him or her think positively, and improving anxiety symptoms.


Incorporating Evidence-Based Practice Interventions in Infertile Couples with Anxiety Disorders

Evidence-based practice interventions are applicable in managing anxiety symptoms in infertile couples with anxiety. According to Masoumi et al. (2019), psychosocial interventions and counseling are effective in treating anxiety symptoms in infertile couples. Thus, applying these evidence-based interventions would effectively improve anxiety symptoms in infertile couples.


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Read the scholarly article: Psychiatric Interventions for Anxiety in Infertile Couples.
1. What are the main points of the article?
2. As an FNP student, how will you approach patients with anxiety disorder in the primary care setting?
3. What are examples of non-pharmacological approaches for treatment of anxiety disorders?
4. As an FNP student, what approaches can you utilize to support patients exhibiting symptoms of anxiety in your clinical setting?
5. How will you incorporate evidence-based practice interventions in patients with anxiety disorders with infertile couples?

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